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My name is Jovany. I am a 22 year-old male from Belize (which is in Central America).

Some of my passions include music, basketball, electronics, internet, TV. I simply love music. A couple of years ago I suffered from depression, and music really helped me get through those times and it still does (I do get depressed now and then still).

Basketball... hmm, although I am a fan of the NBA and the Lakers my heart lies with the WNBA and the L.A. Sparks. During the summer months (when the WNBA has it season) my mood depends on whether the Sparks win or lose :-). 

I love surfing the net and catching some great show on TV. I love learning new stuff and I have learnt a lot from those two sources. I also love to read, I am so loving Anne Rice right now (currently reading 'Lasher' from her Mayfair Witches Series).

Hope you enjoy my website!!!

More About Me

As I mentioned before, my name is Jovany. I like to do stuff like this (you know, creating a website). I am very creative and I also have a very good imagination - so that helps. I can be very humorous - I get these hyper sessions, where I just can't seem to control my excitement. I like to write stuff. I always carry a small notebook and keep it handy to scribble my numerous thoughts in.

I was born in Orange Walk Town, which is in the Orange Walk District in the country of Belize. I was born on March 9, 1984, so I am 22 years old (I'm getting old - looks up and asks 'Why?'). I grew up with my paternal grandparents (since I was three months old). I view them as my 'real' parents since they provided all I needed. I also view my aunts and uncles as my siblings. I do have a younger brother (20), and two younger half brothers and a half sister.

The last couple of years have been filled with transitions. Firstly, my mom (well, if you've been reading you know I actually mean my grandmother) got sick in late 2001 due to a mild stroke, she was flown to Los Angeles to get medical aid. She battled for long but eventually passed away February 1st, 2003 (has it really been 3 years?). That was difficult since she was the only person that I was truly close to and the only person (at that time in my life) that made me feel truly loved and cared for.

Shortly after (2004) that I got a job as a Medical Laboratory Technician with a private hospital in Belize City (The Pathology Laboratory, owned by Universal Health Services: http://www.universalhospitals.com) and moved to Belmopan (2 months), then to Belize City (1yr 2mths and counting) all while working for the same company.

Moving to Belize City has allowed me to grow. I've met new people, had new experiences, became more mature (and I already considered myself to be quite mature), and more importantly I've had several self realizations and got to know who I really am. The latter has been the most important.

I shall keep you update on my weird, but interesting life :-)

Thanks for visiting my website, I sure hope you enjoy...





Name: Jovany

Age: 22

Birthdate: March 9, 1984

Birth Place: Orange Walk Town

Hometown: Belize City

Home Country: Belize

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Teams: Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Sparks

Favorite Food: Italian, Belizean, Mexican

Fave Music: All types (mostly R&B, Pop, Rock, some Country)

Pets: Four dogs

Siblings: One brother, 2 half-brothers,
and a half-sister

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Bulletin Board


Apr 10, 2006:

I updated my website so you all can chat! Yes, you can now chat on my website, just click on 'Chat & Interact' on the Menu on the upper left of this page

Apr 9, 2006: 

-  I just updated my site for the first time in 2 years! Yeay!

Apr 5, 2006

-  WNBA Draft, woo hoo. My L.A. Sparks selected G Lisa Willis, hope she's good.

Mar 9, 2006:

- OK, so I'm officially old. I turned 22 today. Woo Hoo!

Mar 7, 2006:

- I got transferred from the Branch Lab inside the hospital (Universal Health Services) to the company's Main Laboratory (The Pathology Laboratory)

Check back later for updates to the bulletin board!


What's New On My Site

Well, currently everything is new since I've just completed the updated of the entire site. It's been long overdue. The site had previously been out dated for about two years. I hope you like the new changes and additions. I'm extremely proud of the Chat & Interact page, and its new Chat Service!

Cool New Stuff:

Chat & Interact Page: Complete with Polls, a Tag Board (really fun - like a mesage board), a really cool Chat Room, a GuestMap where you can select where on the world you come from, and up-to-the-minute weather information about Belize!

Sports Page:  Now totally dedicated to the L.A. Sparks of the WNBA!

Coming Soon:

Maps/Pics of South Belize page, About Belize City page!


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Any comments, suggestions? E-Mail webmaster@jovany.4t.com

About My Site

Although one of the major reasons why I made this site was for my friends being able to keep in touch with me and see what crazyiness I've been up to, one of the most important reasons has been to give information about my beloved country BELIZE.

Be sure to check out the 'About Belize' page. It has almost everything you'll need to know about my country Belize. If there is anything else you'd like to know about me or Belize, please feel free to e-mail me.

Thanks for visiting!!!

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